ForzaETH is the F1TENTH team at the Center for Project Based Learning, D-ITET, ETH Z├╝rich.

Who are we?

ForzaETH is a team of students engaged in autonomous racing at a 1:10 scale. The team originated in the fall of 2021 and began as a research project at the Center for Project-Based Learning at ETH Zurich. We develop autonomous race cars to participate in international F1TENTH races. F1TENTH is an autonomous racing organization where teams compete against each other using standardized 1:10 scale model car chassis, which are then modified with sensors and processors of the team’s choice. What sets F1TENTH apart is that the cars compete head-to-head, a feature that can be dangerous and impractical in full-scale autonomous races.

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Previous Achievements

Just six months after our foundation, in 2022, we participated in the F1TENTH Grand Prix at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Philadelphia, securing a strong fourth place. In August 2022, we achieved our first victory in a smaller race in Germany. Thanks to significant progress in the development of our racing software, we triumphed over 22 teams from around the world in May 2023, winning the Grand Prix at the ICRA in London. This positions us as one of the strongest F1TENTH teams globally, and we hope to build on these successes in the future. In addition to our racing achievements, we have been able to publish some of our developments as scientific papers and participate in exhibitions such as Scientifica.

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Why Autonomous Racing Matters

Over the past decade, the automotive industry has made significant investments in autonomous driving, recognizing its substantial potential to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Despite extensive efforts, fully autonomous driving remains an unsolved challenge.

A promising approach to accelerate progress in this field is the exploration and development of autonomous racing cars. These vehicles push into new dimensions by enabling autonomous driving at high speeds, thereby pushing the technological boundaries further. By integrating the competitive spirit of motorsports into the development of autonomous vehicles, an environment is created that fosters innovation.

The Team

We are a dynamic group of students who bring their academic passion and expertise from the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics into this unique project. Each of us brings a different perspective, but what unites us is our commitment and enthusiasm for innovation.

Our Goal

This year, our aim is to defend our title at the ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan. The annual F1TENTH Grand Prix at ICRA is the largest of the year, where the strongest F1TENTH teams from around the world compete. To fund the preparation, travel, and stay in Japan, we are currently seeking sponsors who can support us.

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